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Dedicated to sustainability, real food, and honest business.



Doodle Farms is a pioneer urban farming business in Dallas, Texas. Integrating novel technologies with traditional, holistic practices, we grow chemical-free produce for local restaurants, schools, and consumers. Responding to omnipotent interests in Local and Slow Food Movements, Doodle Farms actualizes abstract claims of farm-to-table. We bring “local” to reality rather than perpetuating rhetorical greenwashing. We design and operate sustainable farms in restaurant-dense, demand-ridden locations around the city. Our farming methods - hydroponic, organic, small-scale - offer environmentally conscious alternatives to conventional food production. Doodle Farms encourages communities to contemplate their relationship to the natural world, while, more obviously, bringing the freshest produce to their plates. Far from ingenious, urban farming has a long history and thrives in all major US cities. The dearth of local growers in Dallas is a competitive disadvantage economically, socially, and environmentally. Bridging gaps between producers and consumers is one way to generate a fortified, diverse economy, a happier, more grounded populous, and a responsible relationship with Earth’s precious resources.



"Doodle Farms replaces the fallacy of local with a practice that is refreshingly sincere and biodynamic."

Margot Masinter  |  Founder & Farmer