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Legacy Hall

Our flagship farm is here! Collaborating with Plano's latest commercial success, Doodle Farms is open at Legacy Hall. Embedded in this new food and music mecca of North Texas, we operate a hydroponic farm inside a freight container. Our friends at Growtainer are an essential component to this site. With a perfectly controlled growing environment, we generate higher yields in a significantly shorter time without pesticides or synthetic chemicals. This lends us an incredibly unique opportunity to collaborate on menus and grow for the specific needs of our creative chefs. Our customers so far include Sixty Vines, Haywire, Town Hearth, Perfect Union and Imoto. 

Currently Growing


  • red arrow radish
  • red rambo radish
  • broccoli (waltham)
  • pea tendrils
  • curled cress
  • sorrel
  • green fennel
  • chervil
  • basil (dark opal and genovese)
  • cilantro 
  • red amaranth
  • shiso
  • borage
  • nasturtium

baby greens/herbs:

  • arugula
  • chives
  • sorrel
  • shiso 

Ideas for crops you want for your restaurant or event? Lets make it happen! This list just reflects what I currently have available. Above all, we want to supply what customers want. Contact us via phone, email, Facebook, or Instagram to make orders. We will have an order page on the website shortly! 


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